Interactive and dynamic evaluation of the application in the testing phase. IAST is the combination of the advantages of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). It works within the application and encounters security vulnerabilities in the source code while the application is launched according to an automated test.

Application security

Vulnerabilities are persistent on the web and are often targeted at business-critical applications. Application security covers steps taken to improve the security of an application, often to find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities.

With the sophistication in the methods for system intrusion, it is essential that companies invest in tools for safe development, capable of identifying vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities in application security

On average, 40 vulnerabilities are found per app, about 70% of apps have critical flaws according to a study by N-Stalker. The study also points out that 60% of organizations perform tests only after incidents, and that, of these, about 20% already knew about the problems before the tests.

One process for identifying and classifying security risks in applications is vulnerability analysis, which allows you to strengthen barriers that prevent cyber-compromising attacks on the business.

There are two main ways to define a software vulnerability: a code bug or a software design flaw; and/or a gap in security procedures or a failure in internal controls.

These vulnerabilities lead to possible exploitation through an authenticated or unauthenticated attacker, and a security breach.

IAST – Application Security Test Tool

Application vulnerability analysis aims to: identify vulnerabilities ranging from critical failures to simple incorrect configurations; document vulnerabilities so developers can easily identify them; and create guidance to help developers fix the identified vulnerabilities.

This process can involve automated and manual techniques, and can be performed in several ways, one of which is the IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) tools.

We can point out three important factors that need to be considered for evaluating the application security testing tool appropriate to the software development lifecycle (SDLC): people, processes, and technology.


One of the main pillars of DevSecOps are people, so when you choose a tool, you need to ensure that the tool you choose is not too complex or difficult to adapt.


A continuous, easy-to-operate security integration process is critical to ensuring that your SDLC stays efficient.


It is important that the tool improves safety without reducing the agility of the development treadmill.

IAST in the software development lifecycle

IAST has as a great advantage its usability in the development process and:

– Speed of results: vulnerabilities are reported in real-time execution of the application.

– Lower rate of false positives: with access to more application data, fewer vulnerabilities are reported erroneously.

– Vulnerability rules: IAST not only focuses on the vulnerabilities most found in analyses of this type, but also allows the customization of rules in the same way to the customer scenario.

SAST tools have difficulty analyzing larger frameworks and applications that may take longer than usual, despite detecting more than 90% of vulnerabilities present in applications.

IAST technology analyzes both frameworks and bookstores and also has a deeper view of the application because it is testing it continuously, unlike dynamic analyses that only check the exposed surface of the application.

IAST, a bugScout feature®

A tool like bugScout that offers both SAST and IASTfunctionality, greatly assists the security process and vulnerability reports. And it allows the complete optimization of a development and security process. Where, with SAST and IAST features combined with metrics customized to each client, a cycle is offered 100% optimized to the customer and without major concerns about the execution of your source code in different tools, because you can visualize your entire cycle on a single platform.