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Vulnerability Management: Know all about it

Gestão de Vulnerabilidades

As the demand for more complex applications, programs and systems increases, their development becomes a real puzzle. In this scenario, development companies should know how to distribute the time and know-how of the teams involved, creating the best possible product. Among the obligations of innovative design and easy and efficient features, some points end up […]

The importance of the vulnerability management process for your company

Processo de Gestão de Vulnerabilidades

Amid so many positives in the use of technology, it is also important to be aware of the security care that this feature requires, as data storage increases every day more and more. Especially in corporate environments, data leakage and hacking of the company’s system are increasingly common. However, there are some strategies that decrease […]

What is vulnerability management and how does it work?

O que é Gestão de Vulnerabilidades

Within your application development process, is it clear what vulnerability management is? The answer to this question should go far beyond “yes” and “no”, because there are several layers to consider on the subject. In your company, how is the matter discussed? And your strategy of vulnerability management does it really work? “But is there […]