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Vulnerability Management: Know all about it

Gestão de Vulnerabilidades

As the demand for more complex applications, programs and systems increases, their development becomes a real puzzle. In this scenario, development companies should know how to distribute the time and know-how of the teams involved, creating the best possible product. Among the obligations of innovative design and easy and efficient features, some points end up […]

Want better apps? You need software for vulnerability detection

detecção de vulnerabilidades

In recent years, software development has undergone significant changes in aspects such as quality, security and integration. To achieve this goal, developers are using new tools, such as platforms for vulnerability detection. These tools help you find security holes in applications, operating systems, networking systems, and hardware. And cybercriminals are looking for these flaws to […]

CISO: a guide for you to reduce internal threats in your company


The figure of CISO has gained more prominence within corporations, because in addition to being a strategic role, companies began to pay more attention to digital threats and understood that leaving security aside can bring enormous damage to the business. Therefore, these prominent and more skilled professionals need to ensure that all necessary measures are […]

Data protection: how bugScout® assists with LGPD compliance


The arrival of the LGPD caused a stir in the corporate world. Companies in all sectors, suddenly, found themselves in the need to allocate their investments in data protection. Now, this matter is a reality and the LGPD is here to stay. Aligning with the new Information Security guidelines is an obligation of companies, which […]

Safe development: key piece to give more agility in software creation

Desenvolvimento Seguro

The security of a system’s information must be a prioritized action long before software is available to users. One reason is that virtual threats are increasingly sophisticated. In addition, it is essential to adopt good practices to unite agile methodologies with safe development. An IT team needs not only technical knowledge, but also the ability […]

The importance of testing the quality of the source code of your projects


The quality of the source code is what attests to the positive attributes of a software. The cleaner the code, the lower the risk of it suffering from attacks – because a large part of attacks are targeted at source code. But how to keep a clean and organized code if each developer has a […]

How to implement a culture of safe development in your business through DevOps

cultura do desenvolvimento seguro

With the growing demand for security initiatives it is increasingly important that IT professionals worry about secure development. In addition, the IT professional needs to be attentive to the delivery of services, in order to avoid the increase of costs, failures and delays during the process, among other unforeseen events. Implementing a culture of safe […]

7 important points for you to ensure a safe development

Desenvolvimento Seguro

It’s no secret to anyone that technology has changed people’s lives. Every day software is developed to meet human needs – which is great, but not necessarily safe. Ensuring cybersecurity solutions, besides being an important attraction for the consumer, is also an indispensable way to avoid legal problems with data intrusion, being in accordance with […]

Understand what are the main factors that cause hacker attacks

Ataques Hacker

Loopholes that facilitate hacker attacks have several causes, such as the people involved, inadequate application coding, and infrastructure failures. It is precisely because of this scenario, so broad and uncertain, that companies are concerned about data security. Whether in the Process of DevOps or even in an innocent email opening, the risks of hacker attacks […]