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Do you know the concept of Security By Design?

Você conhece o conceito de Security By Design?

Information security has become an increasingly strategic role for companies with the strengthening of digital transformation. This trend gained even more space with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which helped expand home office and cloud computing. The new scenario also led to the use of new concepts, such as Security By Design. In other words, it […]

6 cybersecurity myths you need to know

mitos de cibersegurança

The internet has made people more and more easier. Applications, websites, social networks and a number of features have been helpful in optimizing time, financial resources and work in general. However, with the frequent use of this feature, there was also a need to increase care for “cybersecurity”, involving a set of practices to protect […]

7 best practices to prevent data leakage

Vazamento de Dados

Keeping data secure is one of the key functions of the IT industry in enterprises. After all, a lot of important information is stored on-premises servers or in the cloud. Therefore, any data leakage, such as financials, can affect a business dramatically. This problem is so drastic that, according to a survey by IBM with […]

Understand what are the main factors that cause hacker attacks

Ataques Hacker

Loopholes that facilitate hacker attacks have several causes, such as the people involved, inadequate application coding, and infrastructure failures. It is precisely because of this scenario, so broad and uncertain, that companies are concerned about data security. Whether in the Process of DevOps or even in an innocent email opening, the risks of hacker attacks […]