bugScout®- platform that allows the union of IAST and SAST, the most complete and versatile available on the market for detecting application security vulnerabilities through source code analysis.

It is multiplatform, offered on-premise or cloud, and made available in SaaS mode.
The bugScout® has the ability to perform complete application audits and, at the same time, integrate seamlessly into the cycle of DevOps life, facilitating continuous analysis of the source code, without any interference in the application development processes.
It works by reporting vulnerabilities in real time and saving precious time for the development process.

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More Capacity and Analysis Speed

Cability to analyze complete applications in memory.

Thanks to its design as a Cloud application, bugScout is able to analyze millions of lines of code per hour in record time. It is the fastest security analysis solution on the market.

The excellent results of bugScout® are the result of the development for the different programming languages, which allow to track all possible execution flows of the applications to be audited and cover each and every one of the execution paths, detecting security vulnerabilities and quality errors. Detection of security vulnerabilities in more than 35 major programming languages, such as Java, PHP, .Net, Abap, PLSQ, C #, Python, Kotlin, etc.

bugScout® offers you the advantages of SAST and IAST functionalities
in a single platform for the safe development of your applications:

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Static Application Security Testing (SAST), development phase.
SAST is a direct review of the source code, comprising an application. It allows for direct and early assessment of possible failures, long before the application is considered for the production environment.


Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

Interactive and dynamic evaluation of the application in the testing phase. IAST is the combination of the advantages of SAST (Static Application Security Testing and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). It works within the application and finds security vulnerabilities in the source code while the application is launched according to an automated test.

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Code accessibility and quality

100% adaptable to any DevOps cycle, thanks to its total integration with
the SonarQube®:


Jenkins, Maven, Eclipse IDE,
GitLab, Process


Compatible with Build Maven, Apache Ant, MSbuild, AWS platforms.


Enables integration tools: Bamboo, Travis CI, Jenkins, AppVeyor, Azure DevOps, TeamCity.


100% Restful API.

Security policy continuous update guarantee

It follows safety and quality control standards: CWE, OWASP, PCI, Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, CPE, CVSS, WASC and SANS Top25.

Detection of more than 5,600 software quality and security rules.

tela - bugScout
tela - bugScout
tela - bugScout
tela - bugScout

bugScout is the security and code quality solution
that best suits
your company’s needs. Our tool allows the complete optimization
of a development and security process.

Why bugScout?

The tool that allows the complete optimization of development and security process. Where, with the SAST and IAST functionalities combined with the customized metrics for each client, a 100% optimized cycle is offered, with the visualization of its entire cycle on a single platform.


Multilingual platform, on site or cloud, with more than 5,600 security rules and software quality in more than 35 programming languages. Able to analyze millions of lines per hour with low consumption of technological resources.


bugScout® reduces technical debt thanks to the early detection of security vulnera- bilities in software audits or continuous integration. Offering both SAST and IAST functionality, it assists in the security and vulnerability reporting process.

100% integrable platform

100% adaptable to any stage of the DevOps cycle thanks to its integration with SonarQube® and the main IT tools, with automatic and transparent execution.

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If you want to improve the security of your source code, you can find out security holes in your app using this free trial. With SAST and IAST functionalities combined with customized metrics for each client, we offer a 100% optimized cycle and the visualization of your entire cycle on one platform.