The fastest, most affordable and secure
source code security solution
available on the market

Reduced costs,
speed and flexibility.

BugScout is a static code analyzer compatible with multiple languages such as Java, PHP, .NET and classic ASP. It allows for integration in all phases of programming and is built so that it can be used by all types of users.

More capacity and speed of analysis

Ability to analyze complete applications in memory

Thanks to its design as Cloud application, BugScout is able to analyze millions of lines of code per hour in a record time.

It is the fastest security analysis solution on the market.

Accessibility and code quality

Easily integrated
into the code’s continuous
development cycle.

It enables easy integration of an SCA process into the company’s development lifecycle, allowing for potential security risks to be detected before production reaches. In addition, it integrates a software quality analyzer, so that applications are more efficient and reliable.


Detection policies
to reduce false positives
to the minimum.

Thanks to its adaptive technology and multiple configuration options, it is possible to choose the detection policy that best fits the needs of each development phase.

BugScout is the security and code quality
that fits the needs of the company's.

Why bugScout



Cloud tool for easy start-up, no need for an in-house team with fast returns.



BugScout is based on the most prestigious security standards in the industry. CWE, CVSS, OWASP and WASC.



The fastest security analysis solution on the market, capable of analyzing millions of lines of code per hour.

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