The security of a system’s information must be a prioritized action long before software is available to users. One reason is that virtual threats are increasingly sophisticated. In addition, it is essential to adopt good practices to unite agile methodologies with safe development.

An IT team needs not only technical knowledge, but also the ability to meet the demands of the target audience extremely quickly. This aspect requires great care to minimize the risks of vulnerabilities in a tool to be released on the market.

In this post, we will highlight some important factors for software creation to be aligned with high security standards in the IT industry. Check out!

Use a secure security method

Betting on an agile methodology is an excellent alternative to deliver a quality product quickly. On the other hand, it is very important that information security is not compromised at any of the stages of system development.

To do this, developers need to choose a development method that avoids leaving source code with weaknesses that can be identified by hackers.

It is not a simple task, because cybercriminals have increasingly honed techniques to find loopholes that enable the success of a cyber attack.

At a time when companies are increasingly joining the home office, we need to think about mechanisms that strengthen the security of corporate information.

Bet on encryption for more security

Secure software development should also take into account that the internet provides a more favorable environment for creating functionality.

This scenario contributes to a more intense exchange of data between servers in search of more innovative solutions. In order not to be a major threat to the security of a system, it is essential to have secure processes for the transfer of information.

One of these mechanisms is end-to-end encryption, which is characterized by preventing internal data from being exposed,including when there is compromise in the connection. This way, you won’t be able to have new vulnerabilities when the solution is integrated with the web.

It is worth remembering that locally stored data needs a high level of security. Therefore, encryption must be employed so that there are no unauthorized access to corporate information.

Ideally, it should be implemented, together with feature control and monitoring tools, so that the user can better manage the files.

Stay tuned for data security at all stages of development

Secure development should be a priority at all stages of creating software. Therefore, it is essential to adopt agile methodologies that are characterized by having security as one of the pillars.

This posture provides the development team with a better structured environment, which helps a lot to avoid problems caused by the fragility of a source code.

It is also recommended to train professionals so that the development process is performed in an exemplary manner, which provides greater reliability to the system.

Uniformity of procedures is crucial for software to meet a strict quality standard and be less vulnerable to virtual attacks.

Prioritize testing

Agile development methodologies cannot give up security under any circumstances. For this reason, it is indicated, after the end of each phase, the performance of tests to verify possible flaws and vulnerabilities in the source code.

This initiative is essential to put safe development into practice and gain greater user trust. Testing can be done through automated and manual features.

In this way, these activities are more likely to view items that can affect the security of a system. As software is delivered following the best practices of agile methodology, it becomes easier to satisfactorily meet the demands of the target audience.

Adopt DevOps to effect safe development

This procedure is to make the infrastructure and development sectors work in an integrated manner. The goal is to make the processes be carried out with more agility and efficiency, avoiding rework and communication noises.

The main goal of implementing DevOps is to increase automation and monitoring at all stages of software creation, including the design process until the tool is made available to customers.

DevOps also provides for greater interaction between developers and customers for the release of new versions of a system.

This action is very important to minimize errors and consequently the probability that hackers find flaws that allow systems to invade.

DevOps is characterized by making actions simpler and more cost-effective during safe development. This is feasible because this methodology contributes to the integration of complex applications that require highly qualified teams for the deployment and monitoring of systems.

This mechanism also stands out for automation, which simplifies the execution of several steps with extreme speed, because there are no risks of errors.

See how bugScout® can help you

Adopting best practices to combat hacker attacks is a must for companies in the current scenario. As companies become more technological, greater care should be taken with information security.

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