Information security has become more relevant in the corporate world with the digital transformation and pandemic of Coronavirus. One of the reasons is that companies began to interact with customers in an increasingly virtual way. This scenario also contributed to greater care with the quality of system source code.

After all, it is necessary to minimize the vulnerabilities of a software so that users have less risk of being victims of digital threats. And achieving this is not an easy task, because, according to a Kaspersky study, 360,000 malicious files were created daily by hackers in 2020. A figure 5.2% higher than the previous year.

Due to this conjuncture, we will highlight, in this article, several factors that justify betting on good practices when developing technological solutions. Check out!

The importance of quality source code

Implementing initiatives that provide the creation of a secure and dynamic system is essential for an IT team to deliver good results. This, without a doubt, is one of the aspects that show how relevant it is to adopt a quality source code.

Another point that deserves to be observed is information security, because it is not only useful to offer a solution with a high degree of usability, it is also crucial that software prioritizes data protection.

The vulnerability of enterprise systems does not only cause problems in employee productivity. It is still responsible for financial losses and reputational issues for a brand. After all, the consumer wants assurances that he is purchasing products and services from a responsible company in digital and socioeconomic terms.

As a company recognizes the relevance of betting on the quality of the source code, the greater the possibilities of having solutions that have effective results in data security and the level of services offered to the target audience.

The benefits of good source code?

There are significant advantages to prioritizing the quality of source code during software programming. In order to help you visualize this more clearly, let's point out some benefits of this practice. Follow!


It is clear that each programmer has his own style of work, but it is essential that a standardization of procedures to develop a system be adopted. In this way, you can greatly reduce the vulnerabilities of a software.

With a properly established and incorporated standard in the day-to-day team, a company is better able to achieve good results with the programming of systems and identify improvement points, which is indispensable to prevent security failures.


Standardization is also vital to adopt simpler work procedures that are assimilated by the entire team. Of course, good communication is important for developers to be aware of how to act at all stages of development.

This helps make programming methods simpler and create solutions that have a greater ability to protect audience data. By betting on simple and efficient methods, a corporation creates a favorable scenario to be more productive and focused on high performance.

More agility

Meeting deadlines is one of the companies' greatest needs in the current scenario. And to avoid delays in the delivery of systems, it is valid to have a good standardization and simple working methods.

Thus, it is possible to quickly identify any security flaws presented in a solution. Many delays in delivering software occur because the team does not easily see the presence of vulnerabilities.

From the moment the quality of the source code rules the processes, the greater the possibilities of preventing problems related to software security from harming the completion of services.

Simplified maintenance

It is common for the customer to request modifications to a solution to make it more practical and interesting to its users. One of the reasons is that the consumer experience has been an element increasingly valued by brands, because it is a way to captivate and retain the audience.

To promote change with a high degree of speed and safety,a good practice is to think about the quality of the source code. After all, it provides for the necessary changes to be made according to customer demand. Not wasting too much time with system maintenance is very positive for companies, as it minimizes the impacts of unavailability of digital services to the target audience.

Practical analysis of problems

As much as developers strive to create a simple and secure solution, it is necessary to be in mind that adversities and unforeseen events can appear unexpectedly.

In order not to compromise performance during development work, it is recommended to bet on tools capable of identifying safety holes efficiently and in the short term.

These mechanisms perform well by verifying failures as a company bets on the quality of the source code. This shows how essential it is to combine good practices with cutting-edge technological resources.

Count on bugScout to optimize the source code of your projects

It is not simple to find alternatives that allow optimizing the work of developers in an impactful way. As a result, bugScout was launched,which consists of a cross-platform capable of performing full audits on applications to verify the quality of the source code.

Available in on-premise or cloud format, the tool is also characterized by fully integrating into the DevOps lifecycle. This factor contributes greatly to a continuous analysis of the source code, without interfering with the work of the development team.

This is possible because bugScout identifies vulnerabilities in real time, which saves developers' efforts to combat digital threats. This aspect shows how useful this tool is for an IT team to be more productive and agile.

It is undeniable that following good practices related to source code quality greatly contributes to developers being more likely to create systems that are within the expectations of the target audience in terms of security and usability.

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