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Have you ever heard of SAST? Learn more about this concept and increase the security of your applications

Do you know what SAST is? In an initial analysis, this term can cause doubt in many people, especially those who do not have deep knowledge regarding the issues of the technological universe. However, this concept is critical because it contributes to improving application security. Through SAST,unauthorized persons or even crakers are prevented from invading […]

Understand the importance of source code auditing and learn how bugScout makes this process more flexible

The quality of a software requires efficient planning, skilled professionals and appropriate tools. However, as important as such care, it is ensuring compliance with product requirements and safety standards. That's why source code auditing has become an irreplaceable tool in this regard. Its role is, among other things, to verify that these criteria have been […]

What you need to understand about information security to protect your business

O que você precisa entender sobre a segurança da informação para proteger a sua empresa

Information security became more relevant to companies, as they understood the need to be connected with the technological advances caused by digital transformation. Having a strategic look at technology has become a matter of survival in the current conjuncture. One reason is that cybersecurity care needs to be improved to the fullest, so that an […]

IAST, DAST, RASP and SAST: understand the difference once and for all

IAST, DAST, RASP e SAST: entenda a diferença de uma vez por todas

Cybersecurity has become a strategic issue for any business. If information today is such a valuable asset for businesses, it is critical that the entire digital infrastructure is prepared to keep it safe. In this sense, tests such as IAST,DAST and SAST have gained an even more important role in software development. But after all, […]

Learn about the importance of software source code quality for digital security

Conheça a importância da qualidade do código fonte de softwares para a segurança digital

Information security has become more relevant in the corporate world with the digital transformation and pandemic of Coronavirus. One of the reasons is that companies began to interact with customers in an increasingly virtual way. This scenario also contributed to greater care with the quality of system source code. After all, it is necessary to […]

Data leak in the Age of LGPD: understand the risk!

Vazamento de dados na Era da LGPD: entenda o risco!

Information security has become of enormous importance for companies in the current situation. One of the reasons for this is that customers have started using digital media more often to make financial transactions and business transactions. And this also requires great care to prevent data leakage. In Brazil, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) came […]

Understand the concept of PenTest and what its importance

Entenda o conceito de PenTest e qual a sua importância

Using technology in business is essential. And the larger the size of the company, the more complex the needs are to protect the entire network system. After all, data exchange is becoming increasingly constant and, with this, the risks of malicious intrusions that can put the business at risk increase. To keep the company properly […]

bugScout goes to analyze the ABAP code of the SAP platform itself

bugScout has developed the technology needed to analyze the ABAP code of the SAP platform itself, both in audit mode and in Continuous Integration. The solution provides optimal results for common versions of on-premises SAP and cloud-based versions such as SAP S/4 Hana. With this new functionality, bugScout takes the initiative and positions itself ahead […]

Privacy by Design and LGPD: Understand the relationship

It is no secret to anyone: modern society has created an important dependence on the use of technologies that facilitate everyday life. Applications, tools, websites and so many other digital solutions act by generating and exchanging thousands of data per second. However, this abundant exchange of information also brought other concerns – mainly about how […]

Do you know the concept of Security By Design?

Você conhece o conceito de Security By Design?

Information security has become an increasingly strategic role for companies with the strengthening of digital transformation. This trend gained even more space with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which helped expand home office and cloud computing. The new scenario also led to the use of new concepts, such as Security By Design. In other words, it […]