BugScout announces an association with Aker N-Stalker

Agreement between BugScout and Aker N-Stalker includes the integration of technologies for the provision of managed services of static and dynamic analysis of source code, quality assurance and infrastructure throughout the software and web application lifecycle.

BugScout International, a NalbaTech Group company, has announced an agreement with Aker N-Stalker for the integration of integrated application vulnerability management solutions, expanding its business support capability across the entire cycle of applications involving static analysis and dynamic source code, quality assurance and infrastructure.

“Aker N-Stalker technologies complement our managed services based on the bugScout platform for next-generation source code analysis. As a result, we have strengthened our strategic position to protect business applications against vulnerabilities, “said Francisco Bernabeu, CEO of NalbaTech Group, which is expanding its portfolio of Managed Security and Software Quality Services.

According to the executive, many vulnerabilities are identified when software and web applications are under stress in real operation, and the combination of BugScout and Aker N-Stalker technologies enables this ability to identify and correct failures to be multiplied.

“Our plan is to expand the benefits of this partnership to the Latin American and European markets, with projected growth of around 20% in the number of projects this year,” says Bernabeu.

Abilio Branco, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aker N-Stalker, comments that this combination proposed by NalbaTech benefits companies with a large volume of business applications in operation that need to undergo a critical vulnerability analysis.

“More than 50% of web traffic is malicious, for example. Therefore, protecting applications is a critical success factor. With this partnership our platforms become more comprehensive and strategic for the digital security environment for our customers, “said the executive.

The technologies that become part of NalbaTech’s portfolio of managed services are: N-Stalker APP SCAN, Aker N-Stalker WAF application firewall, Aker N-Stalker SAST code analysis and Aker N-Stalker DAST application analysis.